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Stayer or Gimmick

Newsletter, November 2017 Stayer or Gimmick? By Peter Graham I recently installed my first Internet of Things (IoT) device in my home.  I had been searching for smoke alarms that; complied with the latest Australian Standards (AS) 3786-2014 (it is advisable that you make yourself familiar with this standard and any additional State Government requirements before making a decision) , were easy to install, didn’t require to be hard-wired, were inter-connected and had the ability […]

Meet the team

Newsletter, November 2017 Meet the team Q1. Name: GLENICE BRYANT Q2. Job Title: OFFICE MANAGER Q3. Sum up in a few words, what it is you do: ANSWER PHONES, ORDER PARTS AND HANDLE ALL FINANCIAL MATTERS Q4: Dogs or Cats? BOTH Q5: Favourite Movie of All Time: THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL Q6: If you could go back in time, to which era would you venture (and why)? NO IDEA Q7: Favourite Food: MANGOES Q8: […]

Services Disaster Prep

 Are you prepared? Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina Communications outages made it difficult to locate missing personnel. Access to and reliable transportation into restricted areas were not always available. Lack of electrical power or fuel for generators rendered computer systems inoperable. Multiple facilities were destroyed outright or sustained significant damage. Some (Bank) branches and ATMs were underwater for weeks and Mail service was interrupted for months in some areas.   “Business continuity plans generally worked very […]