About Us

It all started back in July, 2007…

It was on July 1, 2007 that two prominent, local Mackay region technology consultants joined forces.

The result of this merger was CHAPtech Pty Ltd – a regionally-based, highly-skilled business, equipped to support and operation and growth of organisations of all sizes in a practical and vital way.

CHAPtech, which now services clients throughout Australia, was a result of many months of planning and research by the founding directors. CHAPtech’s operations were based on the simple fact that the collective knowledge and expertise the directors brought together would position them as the industry leader in the Mackay region.

More than a decade later, that still applies – but, now, there’s so much more!
With Offices is both Brisbane and Mackay, the team at CHAPtech can support all SME clients throughout Queensland.

CHAPtech not only has the capacity to deliver robust, managed solutions for the Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) sector Australia-wide, they have consolidated their place in the busy tech space, offering cutting edge solutions paired with good, old-fashioned service, care and attention to detail.

CHAPtech provides a full range of services that offer our clients the benefits of a dedicated IT department, without the expense of developing and retaining comprehensive in-house resources. CHAPtech’s success is built on it’s ability to deliver cost effective SME IT infrastructure expertise in a client-focused and flexible manner. CHAPtech develops relationships by providing outstanding service with consistent results and benefits. CHAPtech specialises in a wide range of technology solutions for SMB companies, including:

  • Managed and project based services that achieve ongoing and specific business objectives
  • Solutions that are designed to lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and maximise the return on investment in technology
  • Tailored services to deliver solutions that meet each client’s unique business needs and the development of a close working relationship with each client ensuring every aspect of their business is incorporated in their overall growth strategies.

Our clients range from single office environments through to multi-site companies across cities and regional centres. They operate in a diverse range of industries including Corporate Services, Medial, Real Estate, Accounting, Engineering, , Hospitality and Community Services.

“CHAPtech provides a full range of services that offer our clients the benefits of a dedicated IT department”

Our Managed Services have “Virtual Systems Engineers” proactively monitoring 250 servers and 2,000 workstations on behalf of their clients. Experienced, qualified staff provide front-line support for a further 300+ workstations for a number of large businesses where their dedicated helpdesk require a rapid response to on-site break-fix situations.

Our Support Philosophy is kept simple by delivering robust, secure and proactive solutions based on reliable and reputable hardware in a standard operating environment with proactive monitoring and support.

To strengthen our capabilities to deliver managed services, CHAPtech have implemented Kaseya to extend proactive monitoring to the desktops of all their valued clients.

The Kaseya Managed Services Edition is an integrated IT Automation Framework specifically designed for Managed Service providers. The Kaseya framework manages each client’s infrastructure, network components, servers, and users’ desktop PCs – remotely, comprehensively and transparently

Kaseya Managed Services Edition includes the following application features:

  • Fully automated, recurring and complete Hardware Inventory and Software Inventory and Audits
  • Fully automated Patch Management
  • Fully Automated User State Management
  • Cross Platform Support (PC and MAC)
  • Fully Automated Power Management
  • Fully automated and scheduled Software Deployment and System Management
  • Easy, Powerful and Comprehensive Scripting for System Management and Software Deployment
  • LAN Discovery
  • System monitoring and alerts Proactive WindowsEvent monitoring and alerts
  • Integrated Help Desk and Trouble Ticketing
  • Secure Remote Control
  • Secure FTP, Chat and Message Broadcasting
  • Comprehensive, Integrated Management Reporting
  • No limits on endpoints and number of users
  • Easy and Flexible Administration
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Power, flexibility and scalability

CHAPtech is committed to ensuring that clients’ IT systems are kept operational, secure, scalable, up-to-date and relevant to their needs.