With NBN being rolled out all over Australia, VOIP utilises this fast reliable internet and replaces traditional hard wired land lines and hardware phone systems with a highly customisable cloud based phone system ( PBX ) that can ofter produce savings of up to 50% of your orginal monthly telco spend.

Chaptech provides a business-grade hosted telephony solution, eliminating the need for high capital expenditure and costly upgrade cycles to gain access to new features.

Chaptech’s Hosted PBX systems are completely maintained by our qualified technical engineers, and allow you to make moves, adds, and changes. There’s also no need to purchase or install the PBX on site, so migration costs are minimised.

The core hardware is located remotely in our data centre and is installed, configured and maintained by qualified Chaptech technicians. The system is scalable, with the ability to grow from 10 to 1000 handsets overnight.



  • Both voice and video supported
  • Deployed over a data network, achieving infrastructure convergence
  • Deployed with your choice of Polycom handsets, Cisco, Linksys, Yealink or support for your own SIP handsets
  • Complex dial patterns, hunt groups, IVRs, etc.
  • High level of customisation possible
  • Integration with call centre diallers and other line of business applications



Technology has evolved to allow high-quality voice, data and video communications to be delivered over a single IP network. Intelligent businesses have recognised the economical and operational benefits of a unified telecommunications system.



Using Over the Wire's infrastructure will help you save on costs.
Traditional on-site PBX systems typically require dedicated hardware, software, and a technician to maintain and upgrade the system. Chaptech’s Hosted PBX systems are completely maintained by our engineers, and administered through a simple, web-based administration portal.

Migration costs are minimal as you do not need to purchase or install the PBX at your premises. The core hardware is located remotely and installed, configured, and maintained by our technicians.



HD Quality Voice
Chaptech’s Hosted PBX can be deployed through dedicated connections, allowing us to better control and optimise the voice quality from our dedicated switches to your IP PBX.

We do this by applying outbound Quality of Service (QoS) metrics across our network to ensure that your voice traffic has absolute priority. We only use high-quality Cisco and Cyberoam routers, which are pre-configured prior to installation.



Save on call costs with VoIP.
The cost structure of VoIP systems are far more flexible than that of traditional PBX systems and can provide enormous savings to your business including:

  • Untimed STD calls
  • Free calls between your offices
  • Remote connections from anywhere in the world
  • Reduced rates for call re-routing
  • Considerably lower call costs through our buying power
  • Plans that include bundled mobile calls and international calls



Telephony Features of Hosted PBX:

  • Conference Bridge
  • Ring Group
  • Custom Music on Hold
  • Time Conditions
  • Simultaneous Ring
  • Queues
  • Voice Mail
  • Call Recording
  • Lync / Exchange UM Support
  • Staff can work from home
  • SIP client on staff mobiles outside of the office




Every PBX deployment is different. Our engineers will design a solution for your requirements, to ensure that the service we deliver is the service you need.

Once an order is placed we’ll assign an engineer to deploy your service while our provisioning team co-ordinates the rollout of new handsets and arranges number cutovers.


For an estimation on what a IP PBX system could cost you and how much it can save you on a month to month basis please use our voip proposal estimator [click here]


Number PortingIf you have a number that you want to bring with you, that’s fine by us. Just let our sales staff know and they will take care of it.