Stayer or Gimmick

Newsletter, November 2017

Stayer or Gimmick?

By Peter Graham

I recently installed my first Internet of Things (IoT) device in my home.  I had been searching for smoke alarms that; complied with the latest Australian Standards (AS) 3786-2014 (it is advisable that you make yourself familiar with this standard and any additional State Government requirements before making a decision) , were easy to install, didn’t require to be hard-wired, were inter-connected and had the ability to a connect to a remote monitoring system.

After a bit of searching, I finally settled on the wireless smoke alarms from the Nest Protect range at

To setup, you need a Wi-Fi connection with internet access, an iOS or Android phone or tablet and a free Nest Account in order to use some Nest Protect features: spoken room names, wireless mobile notifications and software updates.  The installation instructions are easy to follow and once  all the Nest Protect devices in your home are connected, they can communicate with each other without a Wi-Fi connection.

The features I really like about the Nest Protect  device are:

  • The voice message warning of smoke detected at one of the devices – “please be aware, there’s smoke in the kitchen”
  • The ability to silence the alarm from a connected phone or tablet if the alarm has been triggered by the toast burning etc
  • Automatic safety check-ups and reporting system
  • Adding other family members to the Nest account
  • Selectable nightlight which automatically turns on as you walk close by
  • The quick green glow when lights are turned off letting you know that all your Nest Protect devices have tested themselves
  • The ability to easily relocate any device for better coverage or location and
  • The devices appear to be very well-built and visually appealing

The Nest range of devices are  available, in Australia, through the online store at and, in my opinion, are stayers.

For those who haven’t read the latest statutory smoke alarm requirements for dwellings being sold, leased or an existing lease renewed they are summarised here:


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