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“Lux Scientae (LuxSci) is a Massachusetts-based secure web & email hosting corporation founded in 1999 by Erik Kangas, PhD, a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. LuxSci’s core business is to provide secure, premium email and web services, backed by the best in spam and virus filtering and superior customer service. LuxSci provides services for thousands of clients located around the globe, ranging from individual users to large corporations. LuxSci products are constantly updated with the latest cutting edge Internet technologies.”

“LuxSci is short for “Lux Scientae,” “the light of knowledge” in Latin. It is pronounced “lux-sigh.””


Be protected from spam & viruses with the best in filtering solutions on the market. Plus, our customizable email filters help you organize and manage your mail for increased productivity.


Spam and Virus Protection – Basic Services

Our basic spam and virus filtering solution uses a combination of
Clam anti-virus and Spam Assassin to filter your inbound email. This
is an effective, low-cost filtering solution.


What are the standard features?


  • Save or delete – Determine if spam and virus-laden emails should be deleted or saved to a folder.
  • Black listing and white listing senders – Keep track of users that should always or never be considered spam.
  • Subject Line Tagging – You can choose to have the words “[SPAM]” and “[VIRUS]” pre-pended to the subject lines of
    messages so-identified.
  • Probable and Definite Spam – Configure filters to determine whether a message is Legitimate, Probably Spam or Definitely Spam.
  • Spam Filter Reports – Find out why messages are labelled as spam through reports added to the header or body of your spam messages.
  • Automatically white list everyone in your address book.
  • Disable Virus Checking and Spam Filtering – You can always choose to turn off these options.

Licenses for basic anti-spam can be purchased for all users or a subset of users. Configuration is on a per-user basis. Both the users and their administrators can configure their filters.


Custom Email Filters

Users can make an unlimited number of custom email filters with our Email Filtering tools. This procmail-based implementation is fully integrated with our basic spam and virus filtering, our Auto-Responders, and SecureLine. Our email filters are easy to use, yet also support advanced features such as regular expressions and character set conversions.


What are the standard features?


  • Create email filters and rules using a simple web interface.
  • Sort messages to specified folders.
  • Forward messages to other email addresses.
  • Send notices that a message has just arrived to other email addresses or your cell phone.
  • Delete messages.
  • Bounce messages back to senders.
  • Mark messages as important.
  • Create custom headers for your messages.
  • Use regular expressions for searching.
  • Search for text using any character set encoding.
  • Configure the order of application of your filters.
  • Create custom auto-responses.


Domain administrators also have additional control over their filters such as:

  • Automatically forward a copy of all email to (or from) users of your domain to a predetermined email address for auditing, archival, or backup purposes.
  • Exclude select users from this process. [Optional]
  • Scan all outbound email for keywords or phrases that you specify.
  • Add custom taglines or disclaimers to all outbound email.


Special configuration options on email folders can be used with emailing filtering to:

  • Automatically delete sorted messages after a period of time.
  • Remove duplicate messages from the folders in which these messages are placed.
  • Create dated archives of saved messages.


Spam and Virus Protection – Email Defence

Email Defence is our premium anti-spam and virus filtering solution. It harnesses cutting-edge Sophos and McAfee anti-virus engines to block viruses. Spam filters for Email Defence are continually updated using Sophos, McAfee and Authentium software to block new forms of spam while allowing legitimate messages through. Zero Day Worm Protection blocks mass mailing worms.


What are the premium features?


  • Blockage of 98% of Spam.
  • Anti-Virus Engines Updated Every 5 Minutes.
  • Account-Wide Filtering.
  • Customizable Filters – Filter for keywords, attachments, even HTML content.
  • Disk Space Savings – Unwanted email never uses your disk quota unless you release it into your inbox.
  • Quarantine Reports – Emailed reports of all quarantined messages for your users to review at daily, weekly or custom frequencies.
  • Attack Protection – From denial of service and other email attacks.
  • Real-Time Filtering – Filtering is real-time with no latency due to a large number of redundant servers in different data centres for robustness.
  • Domain-Wide Black and White Listing – Add individual users or entre domains to your black and white lists.
  • Message Cleaning – Strip, clean, or bounce messages with viruses before they are delivered to your inbox.
  • Safe Attachments – Check attachments for content you don’t want, and filter, strip, or bounce these messages.


Configuration is performed on a domain-wide basis. Email Defence is also available to clients using non-LuxSci email services. In addition to these features, Email Defence offers some optional features.


  • Failsafe service for queuing inbound email in the case of server failures.
  • Outbound email filtering for content and viruses available for accounts who host email on their own servers.


What are the associated costs?

The minimum numbers of users is 5. Email aliases are free; so, you only need a number of users corresponding to the number of distinct email boxes (i.e. user logins) that you require. The per-user cost is determined by quantity and type of “email services” for which you are signing up.




Email Defence Premium Spam and Virus Filtering

Highly effective and highly configurable premium spam, virus, and email content filtering solution. We recommend this to anyone with their own domain name.


Email Defence with Fail Safe and Outbound Filtering

Our regular Email Defence service with “Fail Safe” which will queue messages in the case of inbound server issues and with optional “Outbound” email content filtering included.


Email Defence with Message Continuity and Outbound Filtering

Our regular Email Defence service with “Message Continuity” which will queue messages and give you Webbased access to them in the case of inbound server issues and with optional “Outbound” email content filtering included.


Note: costs are in AU$ and based on current US$ exchange rates