Kaseya IT Services

About Kaseya

Kaseya is the leading global provider of IT Systems Management software. Kaseya’s solutions empower virtually
everyone –– from individual consumers to large corporations and IT service providers –– to proactively monitor ,
manage and control IT assets remotely, easily and efficiently from one integrated Web-based platform.
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Delivering quality IT Services involves three important elements:
people, process and technology

As a visionary IT Service Provider, Chaptech has deployed Kaseya’s leading IT management technology and now strives to align the people and process elements needed to meet your business objectives. Our Kaseya Virtual Engineers assist with the day-to-day monitoring and resolution issues of your system, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!


What tasks does our Kaseya Virtual Engineer perform?


Virtual Monitoring

Your first line of defence

Our Kaseya Virtual Engineer will perform 24x7x365 monitoring and asset inventory management to ensure the health, availability and performance of your IT infrastructures. They will review alarms, filter for false alarms, escalate issues and suggest resolutions.


Virtual Management

A proactive approach

Our Kaseya Virtual Engineer will apply a proactive approach to managing and resolving IT issues before they have critical impact on your business. In addition to monitoring, our Kaseya Virtual Engineer conducts routine tasks such as patch management and maintenance, and then takes the next step to remediation of monitoring alarms encountered.


Customized Consulting to fit your needs

Chaptech assists organizations by providing expert resources for IT consulting on a short term or long term basis. Chaptech experts develop an understanding of your specific needs and provide the right complement of project management, technical, and development resources to fulfil them.

Chaptech services are time & materials based options that provide one-on-one engagements focused on a customized set of deliverables specific to the needs of the Customer. Chaptech performs a needs assessment with the Customer prior to engaging this Service and delivers a unique project Statement of Work (SOW) to identify and define the Customer specific issues, priorities, tasks, project duration, and costs. These engagements can be for discrete issues requiring as little as ½ day or, for larger multiple day or multiple phase projects.

Consulting Services can be engaged for both consulting and training requirements. Upon acceptance of the SOW, Kaseya Professional Services will conduct the Services defined in the SOW either remotely or on-site as necessary (3 consecutive days minimum for on-site). Through Kaseya Consulting Services, Kaseya delivers talented professionals with the product and business expertise to address an array of Customer needs in a range of specialized areas. Through these engagements, Kaseya and the Customer discuss topics relevant to the Customer. Examples of consulting services include: System Upgrades and Migrations, Technology Implementations and Deployments, Consolidations and Relocations, Operations Augmentation, and System and Process Documentation.


Consulting Services at a glance:

  • Customized Training Agenda
  • Business & Technical Goal Development
  • IT Service Delivery Strategy & Planning
  • Best Practice Development and Implementation
  • Operational & Management Method Reviews
  • Implementation and Deployment
  • Infrastructure and Resource Assessment
  • System Installation and Configuration
  • Product Features Discussion and Set-Up
  • Automation Development and Testing
  • Third Party Integration
  • Transitional Assistance and Migration



Accelerate Kaseya Software Deployment

Kaseya Implementation Services assist organizations in the configuration, set up and deployment of the Kaseya solution. Driven by Customer requirements, Kaseya utilizes a proven implementation and deployment methodology to deliver a solid, best practice based, fully operational, and highly functional Kaseya system that can be rapidly deployed across the entire IT infrastructure. Kaseya Implementation Service offerings provide one-on-one Professional Services focused on delivering a standard and/or advanced implementation of the Kaseya Software within the Customer environment. In concentrated one, two or three day sessions, Kaseya installs, configures and reviews the core product features with the Customer. The choice of time required is based on the level of complexity behind the Kaseya use case and involvement the customer requires from the Kaseya team. Standard Implementation focuses on the out-of-thebox best practices system set-up and configuration. Advance Implementations take a more customized approach starting with in-depth requirements gathering session evaluating service delivery methods, infrastructure needs and operating goals. A specialized implementation plan is created and executed to meet the specific requirements.


Implementation Services:

  • Basic Kaseya Software Installation and Configuration
  • Business and Technical Goal Setting
  • Detailed Core Feature Review
  • Deployment Planning and Execution
  • Customization and Documentation
  • Agent Configuration & Deployment