Monthly Archives: July 2018

03 Sextortion

TIPS When communicating with a stranger online for the first time, be cautious; Remember, police are not responsible for your online reputation – only you are. Police cannot immediately delete an item from the internet – investigations take time; and It is vitally important that incidents of sextortion are reported through the ACORN system (Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network) as soon as possible. If the scammer has compromising footage or images of a victim and […]

01 Email take-overs or Phishing

TIPS Any suspicious emails you receive requesting altered account payments or transfers should always be followed up by you with a phone call to confirm the request as authentic; Awareness is the key – if your staff know about the scammers bag of tricks, there is less chance they will fall for them; Develop a culture in your workplace of always being suspicious of links/attachments in unsolicited emails. Email take-overs can only occur when the […]